The Real Real-Time Series 

San Francisco | March 29, 2018

Come join us for a special evening of conversation and insight.

Featuring a ‘fireside’ chat with Ben Horowitz of Andreessen Horowitz and our CEO, Karthik Rau. Following Ben’s chat, SignalFx CTO Arijit Mukherji will join a panel of technologists to discuss a range of topics on the benefits of monitoring in real real-time. 

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Microservices Monitoring

How do you monitor microservice architectures when the components are increasingly short-lived and highly dynamic? SignalFx provides a unified view of all layers of application, from infrastructure, to container, to application, to business process.


SignalFx Data Sources


Enable a DevOps Culture

The key to DevOps is a culture of observation and shared, self-service monitoring. SignalFx creates a shared view across development and operations teams for every component in your cloud environment.




Digital Transformation in the Enterprise

Digital applications change the requirements for business operations and open new modes of engagement across a new digital supply chain. SignalFx provides the scalable, enterprise monitoring solution at the heart of every digital transformation platform.





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